Amritarishta Price In India

Amritarishta Price In India – Looking for the best Amritarishta Price in India? Amritarishta has been used for the treatment of chronic fever and has antioxidant properties. It comes in a liquid/syrup form and is readily available across India at affordable pricing. Uniray Lifesciences also offers amritarishta through online mode. 

Amritarishta Price In India

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Best Ayurvedic Syrup – Amritarishta

Amritarishta or Amritarishtam is an herbal syrup used in the treatment of different kinds of chronic fever. The main component of Amritarishta is “Giloy or Guguchi”, which is a great source of antioxidants, and immunomodulatory. Other than that Amritarishta has over 10 medicinal herbs. Also, it has antipyretic and rejuvenating properties. It helps in improving the digestive system of a person.

Now, let’s take a look into the main ingredients of Amritarishta –

  1. Giloy – It has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic properties used in building up the immune system against infection. Also, it helps in the cell activity of macrophages and speedy recovery.
  2. Bael – Bael fruit is used in the treatment of diarrhea and it is rich in anti-microbial properties.
  3. Kantakari –  Kantakari is a rich expectorant property and has been used for cough and asthma. Kantakari also reduces joint pain and improves digestion.
  4. Shalparni – Shalparni has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is mainly used in cases of bronchitis, erectile dysfunction, Rheumatoid arthritis, etc.
  5. Gokshura – An ayurvedic herbal used for the treatment of rejuvenation, immunity-boosting, and aphrodisiac. Gokshura has been used in bodybuilding and used in the treatment of sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction.
  6. Jaggery – It is a natural sweetener and has laxative properties. Jaggery is used in case of indigestion, loss of appetite, Anemia, obesity, etc.
  7. Other ingredients are Cumin, Ginger, Kutaki, Atis, Kalimirch, and Pippali

Benefits Of Amritarishta

  1. For curing chronic Fever – Amritarishta has been used for centuries in the treatment of many chronic fevers such as typhoid, malaria, hepatitis, jaundice, etc.
  2. Fighting Against Infection – Also, Amritasrishta is used against viral and bacterial infections and builds a strong immune system.
  3. For the treatment of Postpartum Fever – New moms suffered from postpartum fever and syrup-like amristarishta was used for postpartum fever. It cures symptoms like diarrhea, burning sensation, infection, etc.
  4. Best for Liver-Related Disorders – Consumption of amritarishta syrup leads to an increase in the secretion of bile juices. It helps in improving the overall functioning of the digestive system.
  5.  Used for the treatment of Loss of Appetite and Anemia – Moreover, it helps in the regulation of gastric secretions for the treatment of loss of appetite. Furthermore, it helps in increasing the hemoglobin level.
  6. Other benefits of Amritarishta – Used for the treatment of chronic diarrhea, spleen enlargement, allergies, Rheumatoid arthritis, gout treatment, etc.

Dosage & Side Effects Of Amritarishta

The ideal dosage is 30ml and for adults, the dosage can be 20ml per day. And for children, it can be in between 5ml-10ml. A person should take amritarishta with lukewarm water. Overdose of Amritarishta can lead to –

  • vomiting
  • uneasiness
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • sensation
  • nausea
  • burning sensation

However, consult your doctor before taking Amrtarishta syrup. Pregnant women and people with diabetes should avoid taking this syrup. Other than that, patients suffer from ulcers, pita roga, hyperacidity, etc.

Get the Best Amritarishta Price In India

Amritarishta can be easily found through both online as well as offline mode. As it comes in syrup form. You can easily get in 1 pack and more than 2 packs in the market. Also, many leading companies are offering Amritarishta syrup. However, the average price of this syrup depends upon the quantity.

The pricing depends upon several factors such as quantity, packaging, and purity. For 225 ml of syrup, the price will be Rs.96. And for 450ml of Amritarishta syrup, the price will be Rs. 150. Moreover, if you want to buy in bulk ( pack of 2 or 3), it will cost approximately Rs. 300- 450. However, Uniray Lifesciences also has its classical herbal range which is effective, safe, and affordable. Here we also have Amritarishta at the best price.

Hoping you get all the information on “Amristarishta Price In India”.Lastly, for any other information or any queries for us, feel free to reach out to Uniray Lifesciences on the following details.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – What is an Amritarishta?

A – Amritarishta is an herbal syrup used in the treatment of fever, and typhoid, and for building immunity against viruses and bacteria.

Q – What is the alcohol concentration in Amritarishta?

A – It has approximately 8% alcohol quantity in Amritarishta produced due to the process of fermentation.

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