Chandanadi Taila Price

Chandanadi Taila Price

Chandanadi Taila Price – Welcome to Uniray Lifesciences, we are one of the fastest-growing ayurvedic companies in India set up in 2012 with the aim of delivering high-grade products. If you are still searching for the Chandanadi Taila Price in India then this article provides you with complete information related to Chandanadi Taila with its price and benefits. Uniray Lifesciences is an ayurvedic ISO-WHO-GMP certified firm having years of experience and capable of providing products in bulk on time.

Chandanadi Taila Price

The oil of Chandanadi is a natural cooling tail that is widely used to treat burning sensations, dizziness, as well as a variety of other mental illnesses. This tail is used as a hair oil or all over the body to provide relief from skin conditions. Also, this help to control menstruation disorders and jaundice. Chandanadi is used for the treatment as well as management of abnormalities related to the urinary bladder, kidney, or urinary tract. If you are seeking an Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Company and want to start your own business then join hands with Uniray Lifesciences for high-quality products and services.

In addition, we are also counted as the Top Chandanadi Taila PCD Franchise Company in India. Here are the contact details of our firm information if you want, give us a call at +91-9815340201 and also mail us at

What is the Medical Use of Chandanadi Taila and What are its Benefits?

This is used to apply all over the body and massage. It provides relief from liver diseases including jaundice, herpes, gout, as well as bleeding diseases. Also, this is used for internal administration in cases of gout, bleeding diseases, and heavy menstrual bleeding and is also used in treating psychosis. Furthermore, this can apply over the head and for nasal instillation to relieve a burning sensation in the head, dizziness, or nasal bleeding.

Benefits of Chandanadi Tail

  • This provides relief in case of vertigo as well as dizziness
  • It facilitates the reduction of tension and insomnia
  • It treats bleeding disorders and jaundice
  • This supports hair fall
  • Treats skin disorders
  • Treats kidney stones
  • Remedies Dysuria
  • Relieves gouty arthritis

Medicinal Properties 

  • Anti-lithiatic
  • Anti-gout
  • Anti-hypertensive
  • Analgesic
  • Adaptogenic
  • Febrifuge
  • Detoxifying for the urinary system
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Antioxidant
  • Antibacterial
  • Blood Purifier
  • Diuretic

Safety Information Regarding Chandanadi Tail

  • Firstly, read the label carefully before the use of Chandanadi Taila
  • Store this in a cool dry place
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Also, keep out of reach of the children

What is the Chandanadi Taila Price in India?

As we all know this is a natural coolant oil that is used to provide relief from burning sensation and dizziness. Due to its highly effective results, its demand is rising immensely in the market. The price of Chandanadi Taila starts from Rs 100 to Rs 700 approximately and its cost depends upon its quality, quantity, packaging, brand name, and so on. This is made with natural ingredients including Manjishta, Dhataki, Padmakeshara, Kumuda, Utpala, Shaluka, Padmaka, Kusha, and many more. If you need the Top Chandanadi Taila Manufacturers & Suppliers in India that provide you best ayurvedic products then visit Uniray Lifesciences right now.

Ingredients Used In Chandanadi Taila

Health Benefits Of Manjistha 

  • Treats Diarrhoea
  • Blood Purifier
  • Fights Respiratory Issues
  • Remedies Liver Anomalies
  • Aids In Weight Loss
  • Prevent Ulcers
  • Remedies PCOD Symptoms
  • Promotes Digestion
  • Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Surprising Health Benefits Dhataki

  • Manages Leucorrhea
  • Fights Respiratory Issues
  • Treats Diarrhoea
  • Augments Skin Health
  • Manages Diabetes
  • Enhances Digestion
  • Promotes Oral Health
  • Heals Wounds and Ulcers

Powerful Benefits of Kumuda

  • This maintains the thickness and volume of hair
  • Reduce hair fall
  • Promote hair growth
  • Reducing irritation caused by scalp

Why Uniray Lifesciences is the Best Chandanadi Taila Exporter and Retailer In India?

Uniray Lifesciences comes in among the Top Chandanadi Taila Traders and Dealers in India. Our company never compromises with quality, or quantity, and after testing supplies the products to customers. Here are the highlight points that clarify why people select us that is mentioned below:

  • 100% organic and natural products
  • Attractive Packaging
  • ISO-certified ayurvedic company
  • Best manufacturing facility
  • Exclusive monopoly rights
  • Full assistance and support


Name – Uniray Lifesciences

Address – Shop no. 6,7 & Shop no. 8,9 Ground Floor, Guru Kripa Complex, Palam Enclave, ZIRAKPUR,  PUNJAB 140603

Email Id. –

Phone Number – +91-9815340201

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Who is the Leading Chandanadi Taila Manufacturing Company in India?

Answer. Uniray Lifesciences is the Leading Chandanadi Taila Manufacturing Company in India.

Question 2. What are the side effects of Chandanadi Taila?

Answer. It has no side effects but in case if you take this in higher doses then this may cause loose stools and diarrhea.

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