Draksharishta Price In India

Draksharishta Price In India – Are you want to buy the best quality Draksharishta Price In India? It is made from Raisins or dry grasp. It has been used in numerous desserts in Indian cuisine. Being one of the most common dry fruits available raisins are rich and are a great source of not only natural sources but also has a good percentage of iron, calcium, and potassium.

Draksharishta: Benefits, Ingredients, Method, Dosage And Side Effects

Draksharishta comes in syrup form and is readily available in the market. It has various herbal medicinal plants such as munakka, Marich, chaturjat, pipal, vidanga, priyangu, dataki, and jaggery. Also, Draksharishta syrup has many medicinal properties such as antioxidant properties, antipyretic properties, and toxin removal.

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Draksharishta Syrup | An Overview

One of the classical ayurvedic products available is syrup in the Indian market. It also contains approximately 10% of alcohol due to fermentation due to the natural sugar of raisins. This alcohol promotes better transportation of water and soluble herbs into the body. Moreover, it is best for improving digestion and preventing constipation. Taking draksharishta syrup help in building up the immune system. That’s why it is widely used in treating respiratory problems like cold, asthma, cough, cardiac function, and gynae care.

In addition, Draksharishta syrup is one of the popular classical ayurvedic products that has been used as a tonic and nutritional supplement. Thus, it has been used in treating anorexia, Nervosa, insomnia, physical weakness, vertigo, headache, and weakness.

Ingredients Of Draksharishta 

  1. Draksha or raisins
  2. Jaggery or gudd
  3. Elaichi or cardamom
  4. Dalchini or cinnamon
  5. Tejpata or Indian bay leaf
  6.  Kali Mirch or black pepper
  7. Pippali or long pepper
  8. Vaividanga or False black pepper
  9. Nagkesar or Mesua ferrea
  10. Priyangu or Callicarpa macrophilia
  11. Dhataki flowers or Woodfordia fruticose

List Of Benefits Of Draksharishta Syrup

  • Build Immunity – Taking Draksharishta syrup help in building immunity and overall stamina of the body. The ingredients present in this herbal syrup help in reducing weakness and fatigue in the body. Also, it has properties of aphrodisiac that are best for reducing stress levels.
  • Good For Digestive System – Draksharishta syrup is best for the good functioning of the digestive system and prevents constipation. It has laxative properties, antacid properties, and anti-flatulent properties. Also, this syrup stimulates better absorption and nutrients.
  • Treatment for Respiratory Conditions – Draksharishta syrup is best for treating various respiratory problems like COPD, bronchitis, cough, cold, and asthma. Also, It is an effective remedy for removing phlegm and curing sore throat.
  • Best for Improving Cardiac Function – Draksharishta is popularly known as a cardio-protective formulation. Due to the presence of anti-oxidant properties, it is good for your heart and makes heart muscles strong. Lastly, it is good for lowering cholesterol levels and heart attacks.
  • Best for Chronic Migraine – It has properties like anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This helps in relaxing the blood vessels and also has antidepressant properties. That’s why Draksharihta is good for curing chronic migraine and headaches.

Direction To Use Draksharishta Syrup

For an adult, the daily dosage can be between 10-20ml with the same quantity of water after a meal or as per the physician. However, there are some side effects of excessive use of draksharishta syrup, such as –

  1. Gastric irritation
  2. Ulcers
  3. Stomachache
  4. not good for diabetic patients and during pregnancy

Draksharishta Price In India 

Raisin-based herbal medicine Draksharishta syrup is accessible in the market by the same name. It has been used for thousands of years and its benefits can be found in the ancient scriptures. However, the pricing can be varied as per different brands, quantities, and packaging. The starting price range starts from Rs. 60 which can go up to Rs. 300. This syrup is available for both offline and online purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – Where I can buy the best quality Draksharishta at the best price?

A – Uniray Lifesciences offers the best quality Draksharishta at the best price in India.

Q – What are the uses of Draksharishta?

A – Draksharihta syrup is good for treating conditions like pulmonary disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza, common cold, etc.

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