Draksharishta Product Manufacturers & Franchise

Draksharishta Product Manufacturers & Franchise – If you are looking for the Top Draksharishta Product Manufacturers & Franchise in India? Uniray Lifesciences is a leading ayurvedic company made from resin and other mixtures of other medicinal herbs.

Draksharishta Product Manufacturers & Franchise

Uniray Lifesciences is a reputed and leading Ayurvedic company that is offering ISO-WHO-GMP-certified products across India at reasonable rates. So, if you are thinking of starting your business in the herbal sector of India, then opting for either herbal manufacturing or PCD herbal franchise is the best option for you.

However, if you are interested in working with Uniray Lifesciences, then you can reach out to us by calling us at 9779455201. You can also contact us at uniraylifesciences@gmail.com.

Draksharishta | An Overview 

Draksharishta or Draksharishtam is a traditional ayurvedic liquid composition made primarily of dry grapes or raisins. It primarily comprises 5-10% self-generated alcohol, which aids in the transportation of water and alcohol-soluble herbs to the body. Draksharishta improves digestion, treats constipation, boosts immunity, treats respiratory problems including cough, cold, and asthma, promotes heart functioning, and improves women’s health.

Ingredients – Draksha (Grapes), guda, elaichi, dalchini, tejpata, kali mirch, pippali, nagkesar, priyangu, vaividanga, dhataki flowers.

Benefits Of Draksharishta – 

  • Firstly, Draksharishta is a proven remedy for getting rid of constipation and other digestive issues.
  • Secondly, Draksharishta products such as tablets & syrups use in case of respiratory anomalies such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, etc.
  • Thirdly, Raisins in Drakasharishta has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help in case of migraine and headache.
  • Also, Drakesharishta is also used for the treatment of heart attacks, heart blocks, and is a case of cholesterol issues.
  • At last, another use of Drakesharishta in case of insomnia, vertigo, physical weakness, and many more.

Leading Draksharishta Product Manufacturers & Franchise | Uniray Lifesciences

The demand for herbal products has been expanding at a pace of 15% per year. Herbal goods are gaining popularity over chemically synthesised products. Because these products can have significant side effects on the human body, this is the case. Uniray Herbal PCD Franchise, on the other hand, is quite popular these days since it offers not only high-quality herbal products but also a variety of benefits, including

  • Offering Monopoly Rights
  • High-Quality Herbal Products Range
  • Assured on-time delivery across India
  • Get free promotional tools
  • Low risk and investment needed
  • High-Profit margin

Uniray Lifesciences started in the year 2012, based in Chandigarh. Here you will get the best quality herbal products as the company has its own manufacturing unit having the latest technology. Also, Uniray Lifesciences deals with both types of services and is available throughout India at a very low investment. All the products are made under the guidance of the AYUSH Ministry. Moreover, we have a very highly qualified team that is working tirelessly. That’s why Uniray Lifesciences is the Best Draksharishta Product Manufacturers & Franchise in India.

Therefore, if you are looking for a business opportunity, then you can reach out to Uniray Lifesciences!

Reasons To Choose Uniray Lifesciences | Best Ayurvedic Classical Products For Franchise

In the last paragraph, we will discuss the reasons which make Uniray Lifesciences, the leading Drakasharista product manufacturers & franchise company in India. Such as-

  • Firstly, Uniray Lifesciences is offering Draksharishta Products of the best quality is available at the most competitive price on the market.
  • Second, we offer Draksharishta Product both PCD Herbal Franchise and third-party production services.
  • Uniray Lifesciences also offers all of its Indian partner’s exclusive rights, free advertising and marketing tools, and other perks.
  • Finally, it’s a fantastic time to start a business or, if you currently have one, to grow it by adding additional products.

Therefore, if you are looking for Drakasharista products at affordable prices and start your own business, then reach out to Uniray Lifesciences. Contact us on the following details.


Company Name – Uniray Lifesciences

Contact Number – +91 98153 40201

Email Address – uniraylifesciences@gmail.com

Registered Address – Shop Number – 6 to 9, Ground Floor, Guru Kripa Complex, Palam Enclave, Zirakpur, SAS Nagar, Punjab, India, Pin – 140603


Q – Which company is the top-rated Draksharishta Product  Manufacturers  Franchise in India?

A – Uniray Lifesciences is the Leading and Best Draksharishta Product  Manufacturers & Franchise in India.

Q – Where to get high-quality ayurvedic Draksharishta Products at affordable rates?

A – Uniray Lifesciences is the Top Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers where you will get the best quality Draksharishta Product herbal products at affordable rates.

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