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ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE Manufacturer & Franchise – These days, health & wellness is an extremely important part of our lives. Furthermore, old people say that ‘Health is Wealth’. It means that if our health is great, only then we’ll be able to work and earn a living. That is why; we are carrying this forward and manufacturing & distributing the best quality ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE. For the same reason, we have become the leading ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE Manufacturer & Franchise Company in India.

Aloe Vera Wheatgrass Juice has a lot of benefits it passes on to us like it improves digestion, liver functions, etc. Apart from this, it also helps to improve the health of our skin, losing weight, and growing healthy hair. Therefore, if you want to avail yourself of our fine quality ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE, reach out to us immediately. You can contact us by calling on +91 98153 40201 or send us an inquiry through mail at


Here are some of the components we are using to process ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE:

  • Wheat Grass Triticum Aestivum (60 %)
  • Aloe Vera Barbadensis (39.9 %)
  • Preservatives (0.10%)

Wheat Grass Triticum Aestivum

It is a Triticum Aestivum plant that can eliminate toxinations from our body, and get rid of impure substances. It also boosts your metabolism & immune system and lowers your cholesterol as well as blood pressure level.

Aloe Vera Barbadensis

It’s a well-known medicinal herb that people have been using for thousands of years. It’s a thick & short-stemmed herb that reserves water in the plants. It’s a famous herb that helps in healing the skin, accelerates the wound healing process, decreases dental plaque, etc. Apart from this, it also has antioxidant & antibacterial properties; it heals constipation and reduces blood sugar levels.


A preservative is a composition that we add to beverages to avoid their decomposition due to unwanted biological changes. In addition to this, preservatives help in increasing the shelf-life of the products. It allows the beverage to remain safe as well as nutritious for a long period. Due to a longer shelf-life, the wastage of food is also reduced to a great extent.

Why We Are The Best ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE Manufacturer & Franchise in India?

Our ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE Manufacturing & Franchise Services is popular across India. Here are some highlights about Uniray Lifesciences:

  • We provide WHO-approved herbal Juices.
  • Our juices are pure and natural. All the raw materials we are using to prepare it are written on the wrapping of the bottle.
  • The company provides advanced and attractive packaging.
  • Moreover, the bottles of our ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE are leakage as well as breakage proof.
  • Furthermore, the juice we are processing is natural & highly affordable.


Are you willing to use our ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE? Here are a few benefits below that you will get:

  • Improves Digestion – ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE is a great digestive drink that will help you to improve your digestion. Furthermore, it will also help you to avoid various diseases related to our digestion such as diarrhea, ulcers, Gastroenteritis, etc.
  • Better Heart Health – Our heart is directly related to the digestive system. If there will be more impurities in our stomach, more toxication our heart will pump in the body. Therefore, you should drink our ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE regularly to keep your heart health in the best condition.
  • Helpful in Managing Asthma – We all know that asthma is a disease when it becomes difficult for a person to breathe normally. Aloe Vera is known to effectively fight Asthma naturally due to its immune-modulating properties. That’s why; you should regularly drink our ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE to remain safe from asthma.
  • Better Liver Functions – Drinking ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE regularly keeps your liver in a healthy condition. That’s because the Liver works in the best way when your body is well-nourished and adequately hydrated. ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE is a great source of nourishment & hydration to our body and eventually to our liver.
  • Helpful in Managing Diabetes – According to some studies, wheatgrass has shown significant improvement in the blood sugar level in patients with diabetes. The main reason behind this is that Wheat Grass has compounds that present an effect that is similar to insulin. That’s why, if you are a diabetic patient, we strongly recommend you to drink our ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE every day.
  • Helps in Hair Growth – Aloe Vera is a great cleanser & notional plant whereas Wheat Grass can regenerate dead cells. So, if you’ll drink our ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE every day, it will help you to grow your hair back naturally.
  • Healing Effect – Aloe Vera helps in increasing the number of collagen in wounds, elevates the cross-linking of collagen, and develops wound healing. Whereas Wheat Grass consists of chlorophyll that has great antiseptic properties. Therefore, if you’ll drink ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE regularly, it will enhance the healing effect of your body.
  • Improves Skin Health – Wheat Grass is a great immunity booster as well as a source of detoxification. Although, Aloe Vera helps in moisturizing the skin, and fight against skin aging. So, if you’ll consume ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE every day, it will improve the health as well as the quality of your skin.
  • Helps in Weight Loss – Consuming ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE daily will greatly help you to lose weight. The main reason behind this is that Wheat Grass stimulates the thyroid glands which further trigger the metabolism. It further creates energy in the body and helps you to lose your body weight.


If you’ll read our ancient scriptures carefully, you’ll notice that both Aloe Vera & Wheat Grass have a long history. That is why; we are fusing ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE to help you in several ways. Drinking our ALOEVERA WHEATGRASS JUICE has various benefits like better liver functions, managing diabetes, promoting healing effects, and many more. Therefore, if you want to avail of it, contact us at Uniray Lifesciences now.

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