EverKool Talc Powder Manufacturers & Franchise – There are a lot of EverKool Talc Powder Manufacturers & Franchise Companies in India. But if you are searching for the best among them, Uniray Lifesciences is where you need to contact them. We’ll help you in the best possible way. Talc Powder is fabricated from a clay mineral called ‘Talc’.

This mineral is made from elements known as silicon, magnesium, and oxygen. In the form of powder, it soaks moisture and helps in decreasing friction. This makes it very useful to keep the skin dry and prevent rashes. Talcum powder has sentimental effects on us. We all remember our elders using fragrant talc powders with the scent of lavender, rose, lemon, menthol, jasmine, etc.

Usually, people use it after taking a refreshing shower. Whenever we go shopping, the grocery list never ends without a talcum powder. In between, talcum powder was pushed back in the last decade with mists, Eau de perfumes, colognes, and deodorants. These products were overflowing on the store shelves. But the importance of talc could not be reduced for long period.

Talc Powder has many medicinal properties as well. It soaks moisture and decreases friction, which further minimizes sweat production. In addition to this, it also helps in intercepting fungal infections. So, if you are searching for Everkool Talc Powder Manufacturers & Franchise Companies, call us on +91 98153 40201. You can also send us a mail at uniraylifesciences@gmail.com.


Each Pack of Powder Contains:

  • Yasad bhasma 10%w/w,
  • Tulsi 2%w/w,
  • Pudina satva 2%w/w
  • , Gulab 1.5% w/w,
  • Shwet Chandan 1%w/w,
  • Neem 2%w/w

Different Ways of Using Talcum Powder

As per scientific evidence, Talcum Powder is beneficial as the following points –

  • As a Shampoo – In summer, hair gets more oily & greasy. Keep Talc Powder ready in your pocket. You can spread it over your comb and run it along with your hair down to its roots. They’ll not only look fresh but will also smell considerably great.
  • To Pull Out Sand – If you are planning for a beach holiday, just ensure to take away talcum powder with you. It will help you to remove sand or otherwise, you will find it difficult to remove the sand. You can keep it in your clothing, car, or even hotel room. You just need to sprinkle it a little and you will easily be able to brush it off all from yourself.
  • To Remove Lubricant Stains – Someday, if you’ll get a lubricant stain on your t-shirt, simply spread some talc powder on cotton and press it against the stain. Rub the powder against the stain to lighten it.
  • To Prevent Chafing –If you’ll exercise regularly in the summertime, you’ll experience chafing on your foot. Possibly, you may also experience it on your inner thighs. A bit of talc powder will help you to clear it out. Sprinkle it over the areas before going for the exercise, it will give you eliminate friction.
  • To Relax the Waxing Pain – Often, waxing leaves redness & rashes on the skin. Apply a bit of talc powder before you start to wax. It will absorb the moisture and will allow the wax to work preferably better.
  • To Spruce Up the Closet –Oftentimes, closets & drawers smell fusty in summer. Take a little bit of talc powder and leave it there. You can also put a sachet of Talc Powder in your drawer. Its moisture-reducing properties will keep the closet & cupboards smell-free.

Composition of Talc Powder

  • Yashad Bhasma 10%w/w,
  • Tulsi 2%w/w,
  • Pudina Satva 2%w/w
  • Gulab 1.5% w/w,
  • Shwet Chandan 1%w/w,
  • Neem 2%w/w

Yashad Bhasma – As per Ayurveda, Yashad Bhasma is a zinc oxide that is prepared by processing Zinc with Aloe Vera. It is prepared through the Ayurvedic process of Purification & Maranaor burning. (10% of total Talc Powder)

Tulsi – Tulsi is a sacred plant of Hindu belief. In Hinduism, it is regarded as an earthly abstract of the Tulsi Goddess. She is an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, it is the mate of Lord Vishnu. (2% of Talcum Powder)

Pudina Satva – It’s a small eternal scented plant whose leaves & stems are used to make flavoring mint sauce, food, and even beverages. Pudina Satva contains Pudina Plant as the primary ingredient that gives immediate relief from stomach-related ailments. (2% of total Talc Powder)

Gulab – In Ayurveda, rose water is used to help in the process of digestion. Additionally, it also helps in reducing digestion-related problems. As per a study conducted in 2008, there is some evidence that rose water may influence digestion positively and even ease digestive problems. It may even help in improving the production of bile, which further helps in better digestion. (1.5% of total Talcum Powder)

Shwet Chandan – Sandalwood oil is greatly used in Ayurveda to treat common colds, skin disorders, bronchitis, heart ailments, etc. In addition to this, it also helps with general weakness, fever, urinary infection, mouth inflammation, and pharynx. (1% of total Talc Powder)

Neem – The leaf of the Neem Tree is used for eye disorders, leprosy, bloody nose, stomach upset, intestinal worms, etc. Additionally, it also helps with skin ulcers, heart & blood vessel-related problems, fever, diabetes, liver problems, and gum disease. (2% of total Talcum Powder)


It’s a fact that EverKool Talc Powder is delicate and is very beneficial in removing sand, removing grease stains, etc. It also prevents chafing, cooling bed sheets, and many more. It does more good if you’ll use it 2 times a day. EverKool Talc Powder can be used on kids, adults, and even old-aged people. Thus, it’s a great product for you to use after a relaxing diet.

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