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GILOY POWDER Manufacturers & Franchise – Giloy or Tinospora Cordifolia is a widely utilize ayurvedic herb for various reasons. It is a native herb. All part of the shrub is used for medicinal purposes such as leaves, stems and leaves. However, in this article, we will discuss the benefits of Giloy Powder and also the Leading GILOY POWDER Manufacturers & Franchise in India. Uniray Lifesciences is one of the progressive ayurvedic companies of India.

Uniray Lifesciences manufactured its Giloy powder which is made from 100% organic Giloy. It has several benefits including Maintaining Blood sugar levels, improving the digestion system and improve immunity. Moreover, Uniray Lifesciences is offering amazing dual opportunities. Firstly for third party/ contract manufacturing of Giloy Powder and Giloy Powder ayurvedic PCD Franchise opportunities.

Therefore, if you are interested in any of the above mentioned, feel free to reach out to us, either by calling @ +91 9815340201 or drop an email @


Giloy has been called by several names in India as well such as Amrita, Guduchi, Jwarari, etc. Its name different from region to region. Coming to its benefits, it has several properties which can act as a beneficiary in several medical conditions. These properties are –

  • Giloy has anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic properties – These properties of Giloy make it a wonderful remedy for dengue fever. Also, the intake of Giloy powder improves immune health by increasing blood platelet count. Moreover, it has been used for curing Hay Fever.
  • Giloy has the goodness of antioxidants – It can be used for patients with Diabetes mellitus (Type 1 & Type2). Also, consumption of Giloy help eases diabetes-related complications. Moreover, it can be used for flushing out toxins from the body. Last but not the least, Giloy can be used in case of indigestion, and other digestion-related conditions.

Introducing GILOY POWDER by Uniray Lifesciences

Uniray Lifesciences is an ISO-certified company that owned manufacturing units. We highly invest in R&D for two main purposes. First, for the formulation using modern science and Ayurveda knowledge. Secondly, to improve the quality of existing ayurvedic products. We are a company that main focus on innovation and cost-efficiency. This time we came with our product made from 100% ORGANIC Tinospora or Giloy. It does not contain any chemical synthetic. Each 1gm of product contains 1000mg of Pure Giloy. Now, coming to the benefits of our GILOY POWDER are –

  • To begin with, it will help in treating chronic fever.
  • Secondly, it will help in improving digestion, reduces stress and mental disorders such as Anxiety.
  • Thirdly, consuming Giloy powder will help in fights Respiratory problems.
  • Last but not the least, it will help patients with diabetes.

Leading GILOY POWDER Manufacturers & Franchise | Uniray Lifesciences

As we mentioned, Uniray Lifesciences is an ISO-GMP-WHO-certified company. We also offered Third party, contract and herbal PCD services as well. Our company was set up to spread awareness in the world regarding Ayurveda and its teaching. Apart from manufacturing Giloy Powder, we also hold expertise in the manufacturing of other products such as Capsules, Tablets, Dental, Juices, Cosmetics, Syrups and many more. Therefore, we are the Best Giloy Powder third party manufacturers in India. We use the best-in-class technology and infrastructure to ensure high-quality products.

However, you can become our partner as well, by opting for the Herbal PCD Franchise of Giloy Powder. We are one of the leading Herbal Franchise companies in India. Also, we have our distribution centres in all the regions of India. We are offering monopoly rights. Moreover, we follow the guidelines from the AYUSH Ministry very strictly. So, if you are interested in joining our hands, call us today!

Reasons for Choosing Uniray Lifesciences

  • An ISO-GMP-WHO-certified company.
  • High-quality products at an Affordable price.
  • Providing facilities of Third Party Manufacturing and PCD Franchise for GILOY POWDER.
  • Follow the guidelines provided by the AYUSH Ministry.

Therefore, if you are interested in doing business with us. Contact Uniray Lifesciences on the following details.

Contact Details

Company Name – Uniray Lifesciences

Address – Shop Number – 6 to 9, Ground Floor, Guru Kripa Complex, Palam Enclave, Zirakpur, SAS Nagar, Punjab, India

Contact Number – +91 98153 40201

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – What will be the requirement for investing in the Giloy Powder PCD franchise?

A –  PAN, aadhar, License, qualification, GST no., etc. are required for opting for Giloy Powder PCD Franchise.

Q – How much initial investment needed in the GILOY POWDER Manufacturers & Franchise?

A – Around 30k-35k initial investment will be enough in setting up GILOY POWDER Manufacturers & Franchise.

 Q – Which is the Leading GILOY POWDER Manufacturers & Franchise?

A – Uniray Lifesciences is the Leading GILOY POWDER Manufacturers & Franchise.

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