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Although HERBVITAL CAPSULES have many benefits, we have mentioned some of them in this section. So, keep on reading to get to know about the benefits of HERBVITAL CAPSULES:

  • Stress Reliever – Stress has become a big part of our lives these days and is notably affecting our daily work routine. Therefore, everyone must effectively treat stress. So, HERBVITAL CAPSULES will help you in a great way and in an effective way to minimize your stress as much as possible.
  • Anti-Aging – Scientifically speaking, anti-aging is referred to as slowing down or even preventing the aging process. But in the medical community, anti-aging means detecting, and preventing & treating age-related health problems well in advance. Our HERBVITAL CAPSULES have great anti-aging properties.
  • Brain Stimulant – HERBVITAL CAPSULES are great stimulants and elevate alertness, as well as energy level. The capsules do it by increasing the number of fundamental chemicals in the brain. It helps in improving various health conditions like Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. HERBVITAL CAPSULES are considered a great ‘Brain Stimulant’ by many experts.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (SCF/ME) – It is characterized by profound fatigue ness, sleep abnormalities, suffering, and various other symptoms. It may also get worse by the process of exertion. Our HERBVITAL CAPSULES are highly effective in treating SCF/ME.
  • Convalescence – Convalescence is the moderate recovery of health as well as strength from an illness or an injury. It is also referred to as the after stage of infectious disease as well when a patient recovers to his previous health. HERBVITAL CAPSULES also help in the process of Convalescence.
  • Poor Concentration – Concentration may decrease due to any reason and can be connected with staying up late, impulsiveness, overactivity, etc. It may also be connected with intrusive thoughts & concerns, inattention, and a lot of other things. Our HERBVITAL CAPSULES greatly help in strengthening our concentration and focus on our work.
  • High Mental Stress – Emotional indications of mental stress comprises easily getting agitated, moody, and frustrated. You will also always feel over affected by anything like you have no control over yourself and need to reestablish the control. Using our HERBVITAL CAPSULES will help you to relax and even quiet your mind.


Every 500 MGs of HERBVITAL CAPSULES contain the following ingredients:

  • Satavar 50 MG– It’s a species of asparagus and is found in India & Northern Australia and grows up to 1 to 2 m tall.
  • Ashwagandha 100 MG– Also known as Withania Somnifera, Ashwagandha is known to reduce anxiety, stress & depression, and helps to boost the testosterone level in men.
  • Amla 100 MG– Another name for Amla is Indian Gooseberry and helps in improving immunity, liver health, heart health, and kidney health.
  • Ajwain 30 MG– Ajwain is a great herb that helps in digestion, prevents infection, and lowers blood pressure. Apart from this, it also provides relief in cough & congestion.
  • Jeera 30 MG– Jeera is extremely helpful in various ways as it helps in controlling blood sugar, fighting bacteria, and lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Saunth 30 MG– Saunth is a miracle spice that helps with menstrual pain, indigestion, morning sickness, and a lot more.
  • Tulsi 25 MG– Also known as Holy Basil, it has many benefits like anti-inflammation, detoxification, blood cleansing, and a lot more.
  • Tej Patra 30 MG– It’s a great digestive herb that helps in the digestion and prevention of stomach gas. In addition to this, it also has anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties.
  • Safed Musli 70 MG– Many people use it for general debility, and for healing joint pain & arthritis. Additionally, it is also helpful in male & female sexual problems like physical weakness.
  • Laung 5 MG– Laung contains many crucial nutrients which help in antioxidation, improving bone health, and reducing stomach ulcers.
  • Peepal Mag 25 MG– Also called a sacred tree, it’s a storehouse of various medicinal properties like asthma, skin diseases, blood-related problems, and a lot more.
  • Loh Bhasam 5 MG– It’s an Ayurvedic Preparation that is used for Iron Deficiency, Kapha Disorders, Obesity, etc.


In this article, we got to know about HERBVITAL CAPSULES, its benefits, and the raw materials from which it is processed. It helps you in relieving stress, stimulating brain activities, concentrating on your work more effectively, and a lot more benefits. Therefore, if you are willing to avail of all these benefits, contact us at Uniray Lifesciences now.

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