Each 100gm Contains:

  • Shatavari: 1.5gm, Sowa: 0.5gm, Ksheer Vidari: 0.5gm, Yashti Madhu: 2gm
  • Palak: 2gm, Safed Zeera: 1gm, Panchtarni Mool: 1gm(Root of 5 herbs)

Uniray LACTOVIL GRANULES Health Benefits:

Breast Feeding is a boon for mother hood. A happiest way for a healthy baby LACTOVIL is a specialized formula for feeding mothers. Palak and Safed Zeera has been in use for ages for enhancing milk secretion. LACTOVIL is safe for both mother and the baby. So go ahead and give your baby the best you can with LACTOVIL.


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