OV SILKY MILK SOAP Manufacturers & Franchise – There are several OV Silky Milk Soap Manufacturers & Franchise Companies in India. But if you want to contact the best one of them, reach out to us at Uniray Lifesciences. Clients appraise us as the best OV Silky Milk Soap Manufacturers & Franchise Company in India. As the name depicts, OV Silky Milk Soap is made with the help of milk. It has gained popularity in modern times, but people are using milk for cosmetics go thousands of years back. We are processing the milk soap through the traditional process of soap-making called Saponification. It involves synchronizing fat with a base – Lye.

In most soap, Lye is prepared by synchronizing water with sodium hydroxide. Nevertheless, while preparing OV Silky Milk Soap, we use milk instead of water. It makes the soap creamier inconsistency because of its natural fats. Milk is very rich in saturated fats as well as unsaturated fats which make it perfect for soap production. Saturated fats in milk increase its lather (production of bubbles) while unsaturated fat provides moisturizing & nourishing properties. In Uniray Lifesciences, we are manufacturing & supplying the top quality OV Silky Milk Soap. So, if you want to order OV Silky Milk Soaps, contact us at Uniray Lifesciences by calling on +91 98153 40201. Apart from this, you can also send us an inquiry at uniraylifesciences@gmail.com.

Benefits of OV Silky Milk Soap

Skin Whitening 

OV Silky Milk Soap helps in reducing the melanin concentration in our skin. Furthermore, it even tones & lightens our skin.

Anti Wrinkle 

It also helps in reducing wrinkles on our face and even tones the skin which further gives us a young look.


Additionally, it moisturizes our skin, avoids dryness & oiliness, and reduces various skin-related problems.

Silky Pleasure

Moisturizing also softens our skin and gives it a silky pleasure.

Keeps the Skin Soft

It adds another protection layer on your skin which further helps your skin to stay hydrated. Applying OV Silky Milk Soap every day will help you to keep your skin smooth.

Protect From Skin Damage

Our OV Silky Milk Soap contains anti-inflammatory properties which come from Milk fat. If you use it regularly, milk soap can offer relief for skin inflammation.

Remove Scars

Due to the presence of lactic acid, OV Silky Milk Soap will help you to control or even prevent acne. Lactic acid is a naturally occurring Exfoliant that softly extracts dead cells from our skin. Furthermore, it keeps skin pores open and clear of oil, dirt, & sebum which furthermore remove acne.

Balances Skin pH

Our skin builds a barrier on the surface called the acid mantle. OV Silky Milk Soap contains caprylic acid which makes our soap a low pH level product. This brings the pH level of skin nearer to human skin and avoids dryness.

Provides Anti-oxidant Action

Milk supply fat-soluble antioxidants those are crucial to combat oxidative stress in the heart, lungs, brain, and nervous tissue. Milk Fat & water dissoluble antioxidants work simultaneously to protect the skin against oxidation damage.

Composition of OV Silky Milk Soap

Each 75gm SILKY MILK SOAP Contains:


It relieves our body from heat and persuades blood circulation.


Neem is also called Nim and is a fast-growing tree. It belongs to the family of mahogany and is appraised for its medicinal properties.


The plant of Tulsi is also called Ocimum Tenuiflorum & Holy Basil. It is a scented Perennial Plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. In addition to this, it is also cultivated in the southernmost part of Asia.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera leaves are erect, succulent, and construct a dense rosette. There are many uses of Aloe Vera Gel obtained from the plant’s leaves like it is claimed to have therapeutic properties.

Kumkumadi Tailam

Kumkumadi Tailam is an excellent Ayurvedic Herb that magically uplifts the health of our skin and treats numerous skin problems. Many people also use it as a moisturizer that is suitable for many skin types, for sensitive & dry flaky skin as well.


It’s a Sanskrit word that refers to Cuscus Grass that belongs to the species of Poaceae Grass (or Gramineae) Family. It’s a flowering plant that reduces burning sensation. It is widely known for its odor and coolant nature.


Trapusha is a rambler that is found in the wild and is copiously cultivated across India to use as a vegetable. It is recognizable due to its pale green color with a lot of seeds inside which are sharply pointed from both ends.


The herb of Jyotishmati is utilized in Ayurveda to enlighten the mind and as a digestive tonic. Presently, it is also used as health supplements to assist cardiovascular & mental functions.


Glycerin, which is additionally known as glycerol, is a natural herb that is derived from various vegetable oils & animal fats. It is a clear, odorless, colorless syrup that is sweet in taste.

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