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PAINEXIT POWDER Manufacturers & Franchise  – Uniray Lifesciences is the leading PAINEXIT POWDER Manufacturers & Franchise Company in India. UniRay Lifesciences is a manufacturer and franchisee of Panexit Powder. PAINEXIT Powder is manufactured using 100% Ayurvedic and Genuine Therapeutic Herbs.

Uniray Lifesciences is one such company that provides services for both Third Party Manufacturing and the PCD Franchise for Powder. All our products are manufactured in our own manufacturing unit which is equipped with all the latest innovations and machines. Along these lines, if you are interested to work with Uniray Lifesciences, you can contact us by calling +91 9815340201 or you can send us an email at

Main Ingredients of Painexit Powder and Its Benefits

  • Ashwagandha (20 grams) – Ashwagandha is a medicinal plant that helps in curing migraine, burning sensations, and pulse. Additionally, it helps develop a resistant system
  • Peepal Mag (5 g) – Peepal Mag is used for Hack, Blockage, Asthma, Bronchitis, and Skin-related problems.
  • Amla (10 grams) – Amla has many benefits, for example, strengthens the invincible structure, improves liver capacity, and is great for heart and absorption. Likewise, it is really great for hair growth.
  • Ajwain (10 grams) – Ajwain is really great for stomach-related structures and is used as a family solution for bulges and ulcers in stomach-related tracks.
  • Tej Patra (10 grams) – Tej Patra is really great for assimilation, wound healing, stress-buster, diabetes, heart health, etc.
  • Shallaki (10 grams) – Shallaki is used as a pain reliever and has sedative properties.
  • Turmeric (20 grams) – Turmeric is another family remedy and is loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and so forth agents. It is classified as “king, all being equal”.
  • Saunth (10 grams) – Dry ginger is the only powder of dry ginger. It is great for further assimilation, reducing fat intake, controlling appetite, and reducing the burning sensation.
  • Talis Patra (10 grams) – It is used for the treatment of common cold, asthma, persistent bronchitis, etc. It has disinfectant and emollient properties.

Uniray Painexit Powder health Benefits

  • Firstly, consuming Penexit powder is known as a home pain reliever for the stomach, migraine, etc. Additionally, it has calming and disinfecting properties.
  • Secondly, it is really great for joint pain patients and those who consume sharpness at the start of the day.
  • Thirdly, the fixation in Panexit certainly affects weight loss. It helps in controlling inflammation, controlling appetite, and managing many other side effects.
  • Lastly, it gives relief to back pain, arthritis, cervical pain, frozen shoulder, and sports sprains.

Reasons to choose Uniray Lifesciences for PAINEXIT POWDER Manufacturers & Franchise

Uniray Lifesciences doesn’t think twice about the nature of the services and products. We guarantee a solid business as a franchise to our partners and associates. Thus, all interested business seekers must join Uniray Lifesciences for the better. Here are some notable features of Uniray Lifesciences –

  • We will help you to get higher profit.
  • Our group provides excellent services to meet the needs of the Ayurvedic market
  • You can keep a small amount of cash to start your business with us.
  • We are a pool of experienced staff who strive to achieve a compelling therapeutic approach by using the latest technologies and innovations.
  • Uniray Lifesciences is the most trusted company providing the best services in the form of the Ayurvedic PCD Franchise.
  • Each of our products is pocket-friendly
  • All manufacturing is finished with the help of chemical-free products in our own manufacturing units.
  • Along these lines, our products are recognized by accrediting bodies like ISO 9001:2008, WHO, and GMP.

Contact Details

Company Name – Uniray Lifesciences

Address – Shop Number – 6 to 9, Ground Floor, Guru Kripa Complex, Palam Enclave, Zirakpur, SAS Nagar, Punjab, India

Contact Number – +91 98153 40201

Email address –

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