SHARBAT-E-GULAB – This summer keep your body hydrated with the goodness of Sharbat-e-Gulab. The exclusive sharbat is made by adding goodness stolen from rose flowers, kewra flowers, makoh, kasni, and khus as well.  The rose petal sharbat has been used for sharbat making for a very long time and it helps in beating the heat and keeps our body temperature low. However, in this blog, we are covering ingredients, benefits, and how to make Gulan sharbat. 

And the best part of sharbat-e-Gulab, it is quite easy to make and is loved by both children and adults. You can modify this sharbat as per your preference. But nowadays, everyone is busy and has no time to make rose petal syrup at home. Don’t worry Uniray Lifesciences, one of the best ayurvedic companies in India, offers its premium quality sharbat range which also includes SHARBAT-E-GULAB. 

Apart from having a delicious sharbat range, Uniray deals in herbal PCD Franchise and ayurvedic third party manufacturing services. Therefore, if you have any questions for us, then feel free to reach out to Uniray Lifesciences either by calling at 9779455201 or by sending us an email at

Ingredients Being Used In Sharbat-e-Gulab

Sharbat-e-Gulab is one of the demanded sharbat in the market. It is made from organic Gulab petals processed by the distillation process. However, the list of ingredients used in the making sharbat-e-Gulab –

  • Distillate of Rose Flower – Rose petals are the main ingredients in this sherbet and these petals are best for reducing stress, and anxiety, and possess cooling properties. 
  • Kewra Flower – Kewra flowers help in symptomatic relief from fever, joint pain, diabetes, ear pain, and other psychiatric conditions. 
  • Makoh – Makoh has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-dysenteric, and astringent properties. 
  • Kasni – Kasni is widely used as a liver tonic and helps in managing liver disorders like fatty liver, enlargement of the liver, and jaundice.
  • Khus – Khus has a cooling effect and it is perfect for hot summer days. 

Other ingredients are sugar, water, synthetic food colors, natural identical flavoring substances, etc. 

Top Benefits Of Having Sharbat-e-Gulab

As Sharbat-e-Gulab is mainly made from rose petals. These rose petals contain fibers that are very beneficial for your digestive system. Also, there are several other benefits of having one glass of Gulab sharbat on daily basis. Such as – 

  1. First of all, sharbat-e-Gulab has cooling effects and keeps our body hydrated.
  2. Secondly, It helps in curing bloating, and acidity, and keeping smooth bowel movements.
  3. Also, this sharbat helps in dealing with mood swings
  4. Moreover, sharbat-e-Gulab helps in making your skin glow, and healthy. 
  5. Lastly, sharbat-e-Gulab is rich in antioxidants as well. 

Enjoy Chemical Free and Organic Sharbat-e-Gulab by Uniray Lifesciences!

Uniray Lifesciences is known for its best and premium sharbat range which includes khus sharbat, mango sharbat, lemon sharbat, sharbat-e-Gulab, etc. The entire range is made to suit the Indian palette and summer season. However, Sharbat-e-Gulab is made from organic rose petals and other raw materials are only from selected suppliers. The manufacturing and packing of sharbat are done on our premises. 

For making a quick Sharbat-e-Gulab, all you need is Uniray’s sharbat-e-Gulab, sugar, chilled water, and lemon. To make 1 glass of sharbat-e-Gulab, mix ¼ Gulab syrup with 1 glass of chilled water. Squeez ½ lemon and add sugar as per your preference. Enjoy Sharbat-e-Gulab chilled on hot days in summer!


Sharbat is always in demand in the market because of its refreshment and nutritional value. But only a few products have authentic extract. At last, hope you get all the information regarding “Sharbat-e-Gulab”. If you want to buy chemical-free and authentic Gulab sharbat, then you must try Uniray’s sharbat. We bet you will never regret it. 

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