Each 500ml Syrup Contains:

  • Pashan Bedh: 40 mg, Barun Chal: 40 mg, Gokharu: 40 mg, Brahmi: 40 mg,
  • Harad: 45 mg, Baheda: 45 mg, amla: 45 mg, Kutki: 40 mg, chirara: 40 mg,
  • Neam Chal: 40 mg, Adulsa Vasaka: 40 mg, Geloy: 40 mg

Uniray  UNIRAY CALSECURE JUICE Health Benefits:

UNIRAY CALSECURE JUICE is blend of the best Herbs that help breakdown kidney stones. Multiple ingredients are mixed to precise quantities to ensure that maximum benefits are retained. Each ingredient contributes to moderating renal difficulties.

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