Each Pack of HEART CARE SYRUP Contains:

  • Ajwain: 600mg, Dugdhfeni: 150mg, Daruhaldi:300mg, Saunth: 300mg
  • Gokhru: 300mg, Pashanbhed: 300mg, Plashpusp: 100mg, Kakribeej: 50mg
  • Amla: 100mg, Guduchi: 100mg, Badi Elaichi: 50mg, Punarnava:  200mg
  • Kakmachi: 50mg, Sugar: q.s.

Uniray HEART CARE SYRUP Benefits:

URIRELIEF SYRUP gives relief in UTI(Urinary Tract Infection) and also helps to relieve symptoms like pain, burning, itching and  an urgent need to urinate again & again. These medicines kill bacteria that cause the infection. It’s important to consult with your doctor immediately if you do not get relief. A minor UTI can turn into a serious kidney or blood infection if you don’t.

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