Rajahpravartini Vati Prices Uses And Benefits

Rajahpravartini Vati Prices Uses And Benefits

Rajahpravartini Vati Prices Uses And Benefits – As we all agree, ayurvedic products and medicines gained a lot of support all over the world just because of their natural benefits. Peoples use ayurvedic products from very old times and they also demand high-quality drugs that are suitable for their health and has no harmful side effects. In India, there are so many countries that make Ayurvedic products and Uniray Lifesciences is also one of them. Rajahpravartini Vati is also one of the ayurvedic products that are manufactured and supplied by Uniray Lifesciences and it has a lot of health benefits. If you want to know the Rajahpravartini Vati Prices Uses And Benefits then here we give you the complete information.

Rajahpravartini Vati Prices Uses And Benefits

Uniray Lifesciences is a trustworthy and leading ayurvedic company established in the year 2012. We deliver high-quality and WHO, GMP, and DCGI-approved herbal products to our customers. Furthermore, Uniray Lifesciences products are manufactured under the eye of experts and they use natural herbal ingredients. Also, we deliver all the products on time without any delay. If you are interested in running your own business and searching for an ayurvedic pcd company then join hands with us. We are also known as the Leading Rajahpravartini Vati Manufacturing & Exporting Company in India. Here are our contact details, give us a call for more details at +91-9815340201 and also send a mail to uniraylifesciences@gmail.com. 

What is the Medical Use of Rajahpravartini Vati?

Rajahpravartini Vati is an amalgamation of ingredients. This is highly helpful in treating amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, and dysmenorrhea. Also, this is good for light menstruation or scanty periods and backache during menstruation.

Benefits of Rajah Pravartani Vati

  • This has vata shamaka as well as vata anulomaka properties.
  • It balances the vitiated vata dosha.
  • Also, this is rich in carminative, laxative, and anti-spasmodic properties.
  • It lowers the severity of dysmenorrhea.
  • This also cures the absence of periods
  • This treats scanty bleeding in periods.
  • Rajahpravartini Vati gives relief to symptoms associated with the absence of periods.
  • Improves the chances of conceiving.
  • Reduces menstrual pain and also improves the quality of life.
  • Rajahpravartini Vati is made with natural ingredients.
  • This is clinically safe.

Ingredients Used In Rajah Pravartini Vati

This ayurvedic medicine is made with several natural ingredients including Hingu (Ferula Asafetida), Purified Kasisa (Ferus Sulphate), Purified Tankana (borax) as well as Pulp of Aloe vera in equal quantity.

Benefits of Hingu (Ferula Asafetida)

  • This is an amazing spice for treating stomach ailments.
  • Also, it is an antispasmodic and used to treat abdominal pain, intestinal problems, flatulence, upset stomach, worm infestation, as well as irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Ferula Asafetida is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antibiotic in nature.
  • This is widely used to cure seven ailments including asthma, cough, common cold, whooping cough, and several respiratory disorders.
  • It is a boon for female health and aid to relieve menstrual pain, heavy menstrual blood flow, and irregular menstruation.
  • Hingu is used to lower the inflammation of blood vessels and provide relief from headaches.
  • Asafetida has abortifacient properties and this is helpful to induce abortion.

Surprising Benefits of Purified Kasisa (Ferus Sulphate)

  • Anemia
  • Swelling
  • Hepatomegaly and splenomegaly
  • Weakness
  • Digestive disorders
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Eye ailments
  • Pruritus
  • Dysuria
  • Skin diseases
  • Immunity booster
  • Anorexia

Health Benefits of Purified Tankana

  • Treat lack of menstruation
  • This is used to treat cough, bronchitis, wheezing, asthma, and chest congestion.
  • It improves digestion power and relieves bloating.
  • Treating food poisoning, and abdominal colic pain.
  • Helpful in improving the menstrual flow

Powerful Health Benefits of Pulp of Aloe Vera

  • This flushes out toxins from the body.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • This supports healthy digestion.
  • Helpful in hair growth
  • It has anti-wrinkle properties.
  • Highly useful in fighting acne
  • Also, it delays the appearance of signs of aging.

Safety Information | Warnings

  • Before the use of Rajahpravartini Vati, it is best to read the label very carefully.
  • Store this in a cool or dry place.
  • Keep away Rajahpravartini Vati direct from sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of the children.

How Much is Rajahpravartini Vati Price in India?

Rajahpravartini Vati is a herbal drug that is highly effective for overall health and it is available in all the locations of India. Its actual cost depends upon its quality, packaging, brand name, quantity, and many more factors but in India the estimated cost of this product starts from Rs. 150 to Rs. 900 approximately. Well, if you are also searching for the Top Rajahpravartini Vati Traders & Dealers in India then Uniray Lifesciences is always here to help you. 

Contact Details

Name – Uniray Lifesciences

Address – Shop no. 6,7 & Shop no. 8,9 Ground Floor, Guru Kripa Complex, Palam Enclave, ZIRAKPUR,  PUNJAB 140603

Email Id. – uniraylifesciences@gmail.com

Phone Number – +91-9815340201

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Which company is the Top Rajahpravartini Vati Manufacturer & Supplier in India?

Answer. Uniray Lifesciences is the Top Rajahpravartini Vati Manufacturer & Supplier in India.

Question 2. Is Rajahpravartini Vati have serious side effects?

Answer. Rajahpravartini Vati has no known side effects at all.

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