Supari Pak Price in India

Supari Pak Price in India – To know about the Supari Pak Price in India, we first need to know everything about Supari Pak. Uniray Life sciences are the best company for Ayurvedic products and Supari Pak is manufactured at a bulk amount in the company. The following article contains all the information about Supari Pak.

supari pak price in india

Uniray Life Sciences is a very renowned company and is known best for its Ayurvedic products. The company manufactures a wide range of Ayurveda medicines. Currently, Supari Pak is its top-selling product. To get to know more about the services offered at Uniray Life Sciences you can give us a call at 9815340201 or you can even send us a mail at

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All about Supari Pak | Uniray Life Sciences

Supari Pak is an ayurvedic product used for the female reproductive health system. The medicine is made from natural substances which means it is made from substances available in nature. It is basically used to strengthen the immune system of a woman. It helps in curing the general weakness in women such as headaches, backaches, nausea, and many more. The weak immune system of females can be treated with Supari Pak. Ayurvedic medicine is very much high in demand and that is why we have increased the production also in our company. Supari Pak is made from natural ingredients and is absolutely safe for females to consume this medicine. However, it is still recommended to consult a medical practitioner or doctor to become consumed with ayurvedic medicine.

Description of the Ayurveda medicine – Supari Pak | Uniray Life Sciences

Uniray Life sciences are the best company for Ayurveda medicines. The company has a world wide network spread in every corner of the world. Our company is also the leading manufacturer of Supari Pak. Here is the composition of the Ayurveda product that is Supari Pak manufactured in our company :

  • Supari – 20 mg
  • Nagkesar – 20 mg
  • Ashok chhal – 20 mg
  • Dashmool – 50 mg
  • Jatamansi – 20 mg
  • Triphla – 50 mg
  • Shatavari – 20 mg
  • Anantmool – 20 mg
  • Chandan – 10 mg
  • Kaunch bee – 50 mg
  • Ashwagandha – 50 mg
  • Gokhru – 50 mg
  • Lodhra – 50 mg
  • Yashtimadhu – 30 mg
  • Piplamool – 20 mg

Benefits of Supari Pak

Supari Pak is a herbal medicine that is used as an immune booster for females. Women who have weak immune system should add this product to their lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of Supari pak mentioned below:

  • Restore’s women’s health – Supari pak works like a magic product for women. It helps in strengthening the immune system of a woman.
  • Relieves headaches – There is absolutely no doubt in saying that it is a stress reliever and also best for headaches, body aches, and backaches. Any weakness you feel in the body can be cured with the help of Supari Pak.
  • Gynae problems – This product is also very helpful in curing gynae problems such as white discharge, weak immune system, and many more. Basically, it makes your reproductive tissues strong.
  • Cures Leucorrhoea – This is a medical disease in women where they feel white or yellowish discharge. Consumption of Supari Pak might help you overcome this gynae health problem.

Once again Uniray Life Sciences is the best ayurvedic manufacturing company. It is also the leading manufacturer of Supari Pak ayurveda medicines. The packaging of this product weighs aboutt 75 gms. And it is consumed as a powder. It is prescribed to consume it with water. Most importantly it is prescribed to consult a doctor or a medical practitioner. Also, this medicine is especially for females that are suffering from weak immunity. 

Learn more about us | Uniray Life Sciences

Uniray Life sciences is a very old Ayurveda company built and established in the year 2012. Ever since its establishment the company began to be everyone’s top preference all because of the ayurvedic products it manufactures. As per Uniray Life Sciences is concerned it is very strict about the quality of the products it manufactures. We follow all the instructions by ISO, WHO, and GMP. One can easily trust us with our products. For the best Ayurveda products, you should consult our company. We are known to be the most progressive Ayurveda company today in India. Most importantly we have the latest ideas and business strategies to help in the expansion of our company. The Ayurveda product Supari Pak is also manufactured in bulk at our company. For any further details, you can contact Uniray Life Sciences for the best deals and products. Here are the contact details of the company mentioned. Hurry up and get hands on the best ayurveda products.


Company Name – Uniray Lifesciences

Contact Number – +91 98153 40201

Email Address –

Registered Address – Shop Number – 6 to 9, Ground Floor, Guru Kripa Complex, Palam Enclave, Zirakpur, SAS Nagar, Punjab, India, Pin – 140603

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