Antacid Syrup Manufacturers in India

Antacid Syrup Manufacturers in India

Antacid Syrup Manufacturers in India – Antacids are the drugs used as the gastrointestinal agent. These antacid medicines help in neutralizing the acidity in the stomach. Antacid syrups are useful in curing problems like heartburn, Gastroesophageal disease, indigestion, upset stomach, etc. Well, here is an ayurvedic company that is involved in the manufacturing activities of herbal antacid syrups in India. Uniray Life Sciences is a well-known Antacid Syrup Manufacturers in India with a vast unit for production and storage. Our syrups are highly effective and great for the use of any person.

Antacid Syrup Manufacturers in India

Uniray Life Sciences is an ayurvedic company in India that deals with a good range of medicines and products which are natural. Moreover, the vast third-party manufacturing services for ayurvedic antacid syrups by Uniray Life Sciences give the opportunity to people to invest in the market at a very low cost. We are keeping up with all the expectations of our clients and customers regarding our antacid syrup and other herbal medicines in India. You can completely rely on the services of our company to grow your business for the Antacid Syrup anywhere in India by calling on 9815340201 or drop us an email at

Different Antacids Available in the Market

There are several kinds of antacids that are present in the market. You can also invest in a reliable manufacturing company and sell your brand’s named antacid syrups with all-natural ingredients. Different Ingredients for antacid syrups may include –

  • Magnesium trisilicate
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Aluminum hydroxide
  • Magnesium carbonate
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Magnesium hydroxide

The market for antacid syrups and other products will increase in the coming years definitely at a CAGR of 4.3%. The demand graph for this syrup is raising due to the health conditions of people these days. People these days are more inclined toward self-medication and this has led to the growth of OTC products. So, you can invest in this part of the ayurvedic industry to earn a good amount of profits.

Manufacturing of Ayurvedic Antacid Syrups By Uniray Life Sciences in India

Uniray Aciray Syrup is the best antacid syrup available in the market. Manufacturing the products by following the superior services might be beneficial in the bulk orders. Uniray Life Sciences is here covering all the different states in India with its ayurvedic product range. Well, we have a wide product collection in the Ayurvedic Range, but today we are talking about the Antacid Syrups by us. Uniray Life Sciences is a trustable source from where you can get the most effective and chemical-free Antacid Syrups in India. Our manufacturing unit is placed in an excise-free zone and this helps us to manufacture antacid syrup at a low cost with complete effectiveness. Anyone who contacts us for the outsourcing of antacid syrup or any other ayurvedic medicine in India, we help them with taxation-free costs.

Uniray Life Sciences sticks to all the global standards of manufacturing for the best quality of Antacid Syrup in India. Moreover, our company promises to deliver the orders on time and also, we avoid any kind of damage or contamination on the syrup.

Why Uniray Life Sciences has Trusted Antacid Syrup Manufacturers in India?

Uniray Life Sciences is known for the cost-efficient production and quick deliveries of Antacid Syrups in India. We cover all the states and thus, anyone looking for support for the manufacturing of the ayurvedic range should contact us. Also, the manufacturing processes undertaken by our ayurvedic professionals are based on the norms given by the DCGI and FDA unit. The Antacid Syrup which we manufacture has the verified certification from the ISO, GMP, WHO, and the Ministry of AYUSH for quality effectiveness. The ingredients used by Uniray Life Sciences for the production of antacid syrup are obtained for the entire natural and herbal environment. We make sure that no chemicals or any other harmful substances are being added to this.

Moreover, we will also assist our associates to grow in the market in a positive way. Being the Top Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company for Antacid Syrup in India, our marketing strategies are on point and we are capable of building a massive market ahead for the best quality of ayurvedic products in India.

Contact Details

Name – Uniray Lifesciences

Address – Shop No. 7,8,9, Guru Kripa Complex, Palam Enclave, Tehsil Dera Bassi District, SAS Nagar Godown Area, Mohali-140603, Punjab

Phone Number – 9815340201


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Ayurvedic Hand Wash Manufacturer In India

Ayurvedic Hand Wash Manufacturer In India

STAY GERM-FREE USING AYURVEDIC HANDWASH –In the post-COVID-19 world, hygiene exceeds each of our priorities. The hand hygiene market is mainly divided into liquid hand washing and disinfection products. Liquid hand wash contains a mixture of water, triclosan, detergent, perfume, and moisturizer. It acts as a bacterial protector and is intended to prevent infection. Growing health concerns and the growing popularity of these products are expected to drive the market as a whole. If you are eager to invest in this market, Ayurvedic handwash such as Uniray OV Handwash is your best choice. Uniray Life Sciences is the best Ayurvedic Hand wash manufacturer in India. Contact Uniray Life Sciences for more information about herbal/ayurvedic hand wash and other best selling Ayurvedic products. It is beneficial if you are choosing the herbal hand wash rather than the chemical one.

Ayurvedic Hand Wash Manufacturer In India

In addition to washing your hands and removing bacteria, washing your hands has a myriad of benefits. This Uniray’s OV handwash is the best way to get rid of bacteria and protect against unique types of viruses. Due to the recent prevalence of coronavirus outbreaks, it is strongly recommended to keep your hands clean. Washing hands using Ayurvedic handwash often helps maintain protection. For this reason, more and more players are interested in entering this segment, which is also one of the main reasons for the future expansion of the market. Uniray OV Ayurvedic handwash is designed for daily care and protection and is backed by Ayurvedic science.


Uniray Lifesciences has installed advanced facilities and machines supported by a team of highly qualified professionals to produce high-quality medicines at affordable prices. We have installed a fully functional advanced production plant using modern machines and test equipment.

Benefits of choosing Uniray’s Herbal handwash:

  • ISO 9001: 2000, GMP-certified ayurvedic PCD company.
  • We supply contract manufacturing of herbs.
  • Safe and hygienic packaging.
  • Order fulfillment on time.
  • Free sampling policy.
  • We offer a third party manufacturing franchise.
  • The latest technologies and advanced machines.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • All shipping facilities in India

All these qualities make Uniray Life Sciences the best Ayurvedic Hand wash manufacturer in India. Uniray Orchid Valley Ayurvedic handwash Orchid Valley, offered by Uniray Lifesciences, keeps your hands fragrant and clean without over-drying your hands after washing. This OV Handwash offered by Uniray Lifesciences also keeps bacteria away and holds hands while providing daily protection. They come in clear plastic bottles with black plastic caps and can be recycled. Each OV handwash is made with natural essential oils like tea tree oils, aloe vera, and neem extract, and lemon essence.

Ayurvedic Hand Wash Manufacturer In India

The Herbal hand wash has been dermatologically and clinically tested and include herbal remedies while protecting against 99.9% of bacteria. And that’s just part of that very impressive formula. The fact that it is made from a vegetarian formula and is based on Ayurvedic principles made in India offers the possibility of having options if they follow a particular lifestyle. Uniray’s Ayurvedic handwash is scented in that even a single pump from the bottle can scent. It has a good hold, so the scent lasts for several hours. Only a small amount of this Herbal handwash; however, less than peas, are needed to wash your hands. In addition, it does not foam violently or become very slippery and does not require much water to wash off.

Uniray OV HANDWASH Benefits:

  • There are aloe vera, neem, and tea tree varieties in the Ayurvedic handwash for daily protection and anti-germ, respectively.
  • Eco-friendly Ayurvedic handwash
  • Fights with germs & Viruses (Like Corona Virus)

Ayurvedic Hand Wash Manufacturer In India


Uniray Lifesciences, India’s top ayurvedic PCD company, is an ISO 9001: 2000 and GMP certified company with facilities in other organizations. The company supports its customers with tailor-made formulations, from laboratory scale to pilot batches. The company believes in high-quality products, reasonable prices, fast communication, and fast delivery. Uniray Lifesciences, the leading ayurvedic PCD company, is moving confidentially forward in creating new wordings and making a big difference.

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