Ayurvedic Pharma Franchise in Madhya Pradesh

Ayurvedic Pharma Franchise in Madhya Pradesh

Ayurvedic Pharma Franchise in Madhya Pradesh– Are you looking for a pharma franchise for Ayurvedic products? Want Quality Ayurvedic drug medicines & products? If yes, then Uniray Life Sciences is the only destination for all your pharma needs. Our company is a top-notch Ayurvedic Pharma Franchise in Madhya Pradesh well-known for delivering an excellent quality Ayurvedic range of drugs. These consist of a variety of antihistamines, Antiepileptics, antibiotics, medicines for diabetes, anti-fungal, multivitamins, etc. All the products manufacture in our GMP-WHO certified manufacturing units and follow the FSSAI, FDA, and DCGI guidelines.

Due to the awareness, people are more concerned about their health care this is the reason ayurvedic medicines are highly in demand. Ayurvedic medicines consist of all-natural herbs which are highly effective without any side effects. Uniray Life Sciences Ayurveda has taken a step forward to expand its roots by offering pharma franchises for Ayurvedic products in different parts of the country. So if you want to become our associates by joining hands with Uniray Life Sciences for the pharma franchise in Madhya Pradesh then we are just one call away.

Ayurvedic Pharma Franchise in Madhya Pradesh


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Best Male Enhancement Pills Manufacturing Company In India

The Best Male Enhancement Pills Manufacturing Company In India

 Best male enhancement pills manufacturing company in India.: Sexual health is an important part of the life of human beings. Sexual dysfunction means the inability to satisfy a partner or inability to have a sexual relationship. Nowadays, sexual problems are very common in men. This is so because of an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, improper nutrition, prolonged illness, depression, anxiety, frustration, work pressure, smoking, taking alcohol or drugs, low testosterone levels, stroke, or nerve damage. Sexual dysfunction in man can be of many types like erectile dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation. After suffering from sexual problems, they usually refused to go to a doctor. Even some men feel shy to talk about it with their friends and relatives. (more…)

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energy booster gluco powder

Instant Energy Booster Drink in India

Instant Energy Booster Drink in India – Human body lost a lot of energy due to a tiring work schedule, consuming less water, low iron level in the body, skipping breakfast, taking junk food frequently, not taking rest, late-night sleep, taking caffeine to get instant energy. In a tight schedule nowadays we have to check out for instant energy booster drinks that are reached in glucose. Glucose is available in a lot of natural products like a banana smoothie, apple shake, barley energy drink, Honey Water, carrot juice. But all these are not readily available & needs preparation at home to get the natural taste. As we spend most of our time outside the house, so we have to check out Instant energy booster drinks known as dehydration energy drinks and these contain energy booster gluco powder. These drinks are completely natural & give instant energy to the body. Uniray Life Sciences being an ayurvedic company is providing a lot of herbal & natural products under its range of products. (more…)

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best herbal soap for skin in India

Best Herbal Soap For Skin in India

WHY CHOOSE UNIRAY MEDIGREEN SOAP AS THE BEST HERBAL SOAP FOR SKIN IN INDIA?-In Ayurveda, what you put into your body is just as important as what you put into your body. Taste, taste, texture, aroma, and the sounds absorbed through the senses and even the skin play an important role in your health and well-being. According to Ayurveda, the health of the skin reflects the overall health. And because your skin is the largest organ in your body, it absorbs more than you think. Therefore, it is important to choose the best Ayurvedic soap for skin. (more…)

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Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes Treatment In India

Buy Best ayurvedic Diabetic Powder Uniray DIABGUL GRANULES  Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes Treatment In India –Insulin is a hormone that helps the body’s cells use sugar (glucose) for energy. It also helps the body store extra sugar in muscle, liver, and fat cells. Without insulin, this sugar cannot enter cells to do its job. Rather, it remains in the blood. Then the blood sugar level gets too high. Diabetes is a chronic illness that happens when the body is unable to provide enough insulin for cells to function.

ayurvedic medicines for diabetes treatment

Sometimes allopathic remedies can be too much for a person to handle and also have side-effects. So, they may require a gentle and effective treatment to cure the disease of the root. Often, diabetic patients tend to seek Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes because Ayurveda is known to be a holistic healing approach that prevents diseases from entering the body. Uniray Life Sciences is one of the best manufacturers of ayurvedic medicines for diabetes treatment. Uniray is the ISO 9001:2008 certified company and has a huge supply chain that is spread all over the country to reach out our products to every needy patient.

Symptoms Of Diabetes

High blood sugar can damage many parts of the body, such as the eyes, heart, blood vessels, nerves, and kidneys. It can also increase your risk for other health problems (complications). There are some early recognized symptoms of Diabetes:

  • Increased thirst and urination.
  • Fatigue.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Increased hunger
  • Slow-healing sores and frequent infections.
  • Red and swollen gums.

Why Should We Choose Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes Treatment?

Eating the right foods and adopting other behaviors in your lifestyle that promote healthy levels of blood sugar and ayurvedic medicines will give you a better chance of avoiding diabetes. Ayurvedic medicines are safe to use in blood sugar as ayurvedic medicines have no side effects on health.

The natural solution to diabetes

There are many herbal products such as UNIRAY DIABGUL GRANULES, diabetic capsules, and diabetic powders, that are valuable for diabetic patients. Some virtues are known to stimulate the pancreas, while others reduce the ability of cells to resist insulin. Diabetic powder Uniray Diabgul Granules work by helping your body use insulin better or get rid of extra glucose (sugar) in your blood. Some Diabetic capsules such as Diabgul capsules help control blood sugar (glucose) levels in people whose bodies(people with type 2 diabetes ) still produce some insulin, such as some medicines are prescribed along with regular exercise and changes in the diet. Many oral diabetes medications may be used in combination with each other or with insulin to achieve the best blood glucose control.

ayurvedic medicines for diabetes treatment

 Herbal Remedies For Blood Sugar Control

Now, Uniray Lifesciences is here to give you the best solutions or remedies for diabetes such as diabetic capsules (Uniray Diabgul Capsules), diabetic powders (Uniray Diabgul Granules), and also welcome all passionate working professionals to work with us by offering Ayurvedic PCD franchise.

We strive to provide the ayurvedic PCD franchise with the best herbal care products, such as DIABGUL GRANULES for blood sugar control and also some more result-oriented herbal products, in the country for better health care.

At this age when everyone is busy in their own lives and no one is bothered about health, Diabetes is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. But Ayurveda still gives you hope to be healthy and fit. There are lots of Ayurvedic medicines for blood sugar control are available in the market but we need to choose the right one which gives maximum benefits without any side effect. Uniray life Sciences provides you the best Ayurvedic herbs solution according to your need because we are offering you certified quality products only. Therefore, please contact us at +91 9815340201 or send us an email at uniraylifesciences@gmail.com.

diabetic powder

How Uniray Lifesciences Is Best Manufacturer And Supplier Of Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes Treatment In India?

Uniray Lifesciences is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in our country. We are confident in providing herbal remedies for blood sugar control through the best medical facility for each client. We manufacture the best Ayurvedic medicines that are highly effective and safe for all applications.

Therefore, choosing us for the best ayurvedic PCD franchise may be the best decision on your part.

Thanks to its compounds and natural herbs for blood sugar control, Diabetic Powder UNIRAY DIABGUL GRANULES has a positive effect on blood sugar levels but also the complications of diabetes (triglycerides, cholesterol). If you are looking for the best herbal remedies for blood sugar control, you can use these DIABGUL GRANULES.

Ingredients of Each Diabetic Powder DIABGUL GRANULES Pack:

  • Shudha Shilajit: 25mg
  • Kumari 100mg, Jamun: 100mg
  • karela: 20mg
  • Neem: 100mg
  • Daruhaldi: 50mg
  • kalmegh: 25mg
  • Gulab: 25mg
  • Ashwagandha: 25mg
  • Gokharu:50mg
  • Nagarmoth: 50mg
  • Guduchi:50mg
  • Methi :50mg,
  • Shatavari :50mg
  • Safed Musli:100mg
  • Gudmar: 25mg
  • Mamejevo :100mg
  • Arjun chhal: 100mg

Uniray Wide range of Ayurvedic Diabetic Capsules, Diabetic Tablets, Diabetic Syrups, And Diabetic Powder

Uniray Life Sciences manufactures a complete range of Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes Treatment In India. Some Products are following:

diabetic powder

Diabetic Powder UNIRAY DIABGUL GRANULES Heath Benefits

Effectively Controls Blood Sugar Level:

herbal remedies for blood sugar control can help regulate the level of sugar in the blood. Faced with the risks associated with type 2 diabetes, it uses flavonoids, natural compounds from the polyphenol family. They are found in UNIRAY DIABGUL GRANULES owing to a wide variety of natural herbs. Renowned for their antioxidant properties, UNIRAY DIABGUL GRANULES also play an important role in inhibiting glycation.

Regenerates Beta Cells Of Pancreas

The loss of beta cells is believed to be one of the causes of this disease, and DIABGUL GRANULES are one of the best herbal remedies for blood sugar control. These granules produce and regenerate beta cells to produce insulin released by the pancreas and help regulate the level of glucose in the blood.

Reduces Insulin Resistance & Increases Insulin Sensitivity

herbal remedies for blood sugar control has long been recognized for their hypoglycemic and antibacterial action, which will naturally lower blood sugar and rebalance the state of the intestinal flora.

Reduces Cardiac Complication Associated With diabetes

Arjun Chaal, Karela, methi, and other herbs present in these granules are considered good for cardiac health. Therefore, this herbal medicine reduces the cardiac complications associated with diabetes health.

Imparts Fresh Energy

These herbal remedies for blood sugar control are a blend of natural herbs that improve the overall health and metabolism of a person and imparts fresh energy.

diabetic CapsuleWhy buy the Best Diabetic Powder (UNIRAY DIABGUL GRANULES) from Uniray Life Sciences?

Uniray Lifesciences is a leader in several pharmaceuticals and is today one of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies. When we focus on world-class research, our satisfaction is that we are taking a step towards improving the health of our country today.

Benefits of owning the ayurvedic PCD franchise:

  • Less investment to start a business.
  • Opportunity to acquire higher financial rights
  • Economic growth and development of the health sector
  • Meet all customer requirements

Therefore, seizing the best ayurvedic PCD franchise opportunities in the herbal line could lead to a prosperous future for the pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic industries.

Why Uniray Lifesciences is best ayurvedic PCD franchise provider?

Uniray Lifesciences comply with all quality standards, rules, and regulations to serve only the best herbal areas. And with the opportunity of an ayurvedic PCD franchise with an assortment of herbs, we guarantee that we will provide you with maximum benefits.

With business opportunities at the herbal PCD franchise, we are on a mission to serve all rural and urban grassy areas in the country and serve the basic units of better health care.

So now is the time to own a herbal PCD franchise to reap the incredible benefits of yourself and the bright and healthy future of this country.


Address – Shop No. 7,8,9, Guru Kripa Complex, Palam Enclave,

SAS Nagar Godown Area, Mohali-140603,

Punjab Phone Number – 9815340201

Website: uniraylifesciences.co.in

E-mail: uniraylifesciences@gmail.com

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Joint Pain In India

AYURVEDIC TREATMENT  FOR JOINT PAIN? Knee pain, nowadays, has become one of the most common and severe problems in the world. The severity of knee pain varies depending on the disability, environment, and person. Some of the common symptoms can include unbearable joint pain, soreness, stiffness, locks, and sometimes exudation. Treatments for treating knee joint pain with current conventional medicine generally focus on reducing pain and controlling inflammation. However, these approaches do not affect the natural course of the disease. Ayurveda is a very ancient medical system born in India. Ayurvedic products such as PAINEXIT POWDER provided by Uniray Lifesciences uses naturally occurring herbs(Amla, Ashwagandha, Haldi, Ajwain, Saunth, Talis Patra, Tej Patra, Shallaki, Pipal Mag) to treat a variety of ailments, knee pains, and joint pains that can be treated permanently in this native way.


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Ayurvedic treatment for piles

Ayurvedic Treatment For Piles

Uniray PILERAY CAPSULEAyurvedic Treatment For Piles (Hemorrhoid): The modern world has effectively transformed people into blurry things in which life moves at a dizzying pace. We have shaped our lifestyle and daily activities to suit this busy journey between work and family. Office work keeps us busy sitting together for hours. We have little time to enjoy a healthy meal on the go or eat on time.

Diseases and conditions commonly seen 10 years ago in the 1960s and 1970s occurred primarily in the 30s and 40s. One of the most prominent conditions seen in men and women between the ages of 30 and 40 is piles (Hemorrhoid) and fistulas. Uniray Life sciences gives you the best treatment of piles by introducing Pileray capsules that are made of pure, natural, and high-quality Ayurvedic herbs. If you want to connect with Uniray Life Sciences and also want to start your own business in the field of Ayurveda, you can avail of our ayurvedic medicine franchise  by emailing us at uniraylifesciences@gmail.com or  can contact us at +91 9815340201 (more…)

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