Veterinary PCD Franchise Company

Veterinary PCD Franchise Company – Are you thinking of investing in the best Veterinary PCD Franchise Company in India? Uniray Lifesciences is here with an amazing platform to start off your journey as a successful business person. Veterinary Sector is highly competitive yet Uniray is ruling the industry by focusing on premium quality pharma range at affordable rates. We are offering the most reliable Veterinary Pharma Franchise across India.

Veterinary PCD Franchise Company

A self-made name ” UNIRAY LIFESCIENCES” is a symbol of trust and reliability in the market. Apart from dealing in Veterinary pharma products & supplements, we have an extensive range of products. So, if you want to become our franchise associate, then reach out to Uniray Lifesciences either by calling us at 9779455201 or mailing us at

By definition, franchising refers to giving authorization to a third person to sell & distribute under a set of instructions. The company has many fringe benefits to offer along with exclusive monopoly rights. It is a highly profitable business opportunity, especially for those who want to start their own business but have less capital to invest.

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Animal Healthcare Sector Of India | A Brief

The Animal Healthcare system is approximately $600 million. There are different classifications of species under animal healthcare –

  1. Livestock – About 51% covered by the domestic animals
  2. Poultry – Approximately 35% is the poultry species
  3. Domestic Animals – Cats, horses, rabbits, etc are quite common companion animals. It covers approximately 8%.
  4. Aquatic – It covers only 5% and the rest 1% is others.

There are The distribution channels of the veterinary sector are broadly divided into –Indirect Distribution Channels – Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, Drug stores, etc., and Direct Distribution Channels.

The rising awareness and initiative by govt. regarding vaccination against bird flu, viruses, etc play an important role in the driving force of the emerging Veterinary sector of India. There are 4 major zones of India as per prominent market – Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western India. But Southern India is the dominating part covering 37% of the market demand. However, in the Northern part, there is a surging awareness and initiative taken by the state govt in animal healthcare.

Demand For Veterinary PCD Franchise Company

Uniray has been ranked #1 on the list of the top 10 veterinary PCD franchise companies in India and is on the rise due to the growing awareness of animal health and the increasing number of pet owners. The global animal health market was valued at $40.4 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $58.5 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 7.4% during the forecast period. The growing demand for pet ownership, especially in urban areas, is one of the major factors driving the growth of the animal health market. Pets are being increasingly considered as family members, which is leading to an increase in spending on their health and well-being.

This has resulted in a growing demand for veterinary products and services, including medicines, vaccines, and diagnostic tests. The increasing awareness about animal health and the rising incidence of zoonotic diseases are also expected to raise the demand for a veterinary PCD franchise company. The veterinary franchise companies offer a wide range of products and services, including veterinary medicines, vaccines, feed supplements, and diagnostic kits. The companies also offer marketing and promotional support to their franchise partners, which can help them establish their business and increase their customer base.

Premium Quality Veterinary Medicines Range At Uniray Lifesciences

  1. Syrups
  2. Bolus
  3. Injections
  4.  Supplements
  5.  Oral Suspensions
  6. Sprays
  7. Powder

In general, the composition of medicines is quite similar to human medicines. The quantity given to an animal’s only difference is t. Usually, it is 4 times higher than humans. The above-mentioned vet medicines are manufactured as per WHO-GMP guidelines. As the company has its manufacturing plant, which is also ISO-certified. Also, we have approval from DCGI and FSSAI as well. Therefore, Uniray Lifesciences assured 100% safety and effectiveness of these drugs.

Top Veterinary PCD Franchise Company | Uniray Lifesciences 

Uniray Lifesciences is a well-established pharmaceutical company known for its “customer-centric” approach. The company was made to the list of Leading Veterinary PCD Franchise Companies in India. Coming to the veterinary franchise, the company is offering a wide range of pharma products along with many perks such as –

  • Rights Of distribution and selling – First of all, Uniray Lifesciences provides exclusive monopoly rights which means rights of distribution & selling.
  • Full-time assistance – There are no things to worry about, our company will provide you with full-time assistance for the smooth functioning of the franchise.
  • Timely Delivery of all the orders – Uniray assured timely delivery of all the veterinary medicines.
  • Affordable Range – We make sure that all the products are quite affordable.
  • No targets – Most importantly, there are no conditions and terms for achieving targets on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
  • Free marketing & promotional tools – Lastly, by investing with Uniray, you will get assured free of cost-free marketing & promotional tools such as pens, notepads, etc.

Now, coming to the targeted locations – Uniray Lifesciences is targeting all the major states and its major cities for approaching interested candidates. States such as Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. So, be a part of the Veterinary Monopoly Company and start your own business with Uniray Lifesciences!


Name – Uniray Lifesciences

Contact Number – +91 98153 40201

Email Address –

Registered Address – Shop Number – 6 to 9, Ground Floor, Guru Kripa Complex, Palam Enclave, Zirakpur, SAS Nagar, Punjab, India, Pin – 140603

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question. What is the ROI for a Veterinary PCD Franchise?
Answer. Return on investment (ROI) for a Veterinary PCD Franchise will vary depending on factors such as the size of the company, the cost of the franchise, and the success of the business. Then research the opportunity and speak with existing franchisees to get a better understanding of the potential ROI.

Question. What are the benefits of a Veterinary PCD Franchise?
Answer. The benefits of a Veterinary PCD Franchise include the ability to operate your own business, access to a proven business model and established brand, and support from the franchisor in the form of training, marketing, and ongoing support.

Question. What is a Veterinary PCD Franchise?
Answer. A Veterinary PCD Franchise is a business model where a company grants the right to an individual or entity to sell their veterinary products in a specific area.

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