Yogendra Ras Price In India

Yogendra Ras Price In India – Need some information regarding Yogendra Ras Price In India? Don’t worry! Here you will get all the information regarding the Yogendra Ras. We are covering its ingredients, therapeutic benefits, direction to use, and price as well. However, Yogendra Ras is readily available in the Indian market both online and offline mode.

Yogendra Ras Price In India

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The rising demand for ayurvedic products especially tablets, syrups, etc. in the market. This demand is a result of rising awareness regarding the utilization of natural and organic products. Also, our Ayurvedic products are safe and effective. Many ayurvedic products including Yogendra ras are easily available across India.

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Yogendra Ras | A Brief

An Ayurvedic medicine that contains both herbs and minerals. The main use of Yogendra ras is in the treatment of neuro-muscular medical conditions and in the case of diabetes. The bhasma present in this ras acts as a catalyst which means it can be utilized with other medications. Yogendra Ras contains bhasma which is dried powder collected from the woods of certain medicinal herbs. It is also referred to as vibhuti and it is rich in trace elements.

Following is the list of major uses/benefits of having YOGENDRA RAS – 

  1. First of all, it is used in treating urinary tract infections, paralysis, and diabetes.
  2. Secondly, another use of Yogendra ras is in conditions like epilepsy, psychotic conditions, abdomen pain, gastritis, etc.
  3. Yogendra Ras has natural aphrodisiac. It can be used in the treatment of fistula, piles, etc.
  4. Lastly, it can be used in the case of eye disease and strengthen the neuro-muscular system of the body.

Ingredients Of YOGENDRA RAS 

Following is the list of ingredients used in the making of Yogendra ras and its therapeutic benefits.

  1. Ras Sindoor – It is used in the treatment of low immunity, UTI, digestive problems, and cardiac-related medical conditions.
  2. Swarna Bhasma – It contains gold in nano and colloidal form. And is a traditional ayurvedic medicine that is used in case of diabetes, nervous system conditions, etc.
  3. Kanta Lauha Bhasma – It is a rare ayurvedic medicine used to treat anemia as it contains a high percentage of iron.
  4. Moti Bhasma – It has antioxidant properties which are used in the care of stress, and depression.
  5. Vang Bhasma – This bhasma is used in the treatment of anemia, asthma, obesity, premature ejaculation, etc.

Things Need To Be Considered Before Taking Yogendra Ras

Dosage – You can take 1-2 tablets twice a day. You can take Yogendra Ras before or after the food. Also, you can have Yogendra Ras with milk/water with some sugar or with Triphala kashaya.

In addition, there are some side effects of- 

  1. This Yogendra Ras needs to be taken under very strict medical supervision.
  2. Please do not take this ras without any consultation with a doctor.
  3. Pregnant women and children should avoid taking Yogendra ras.
  4. Overdosage of Yogendra Ras can lead to symptoms like dizziness, tremors, etc.

Get The Best Yogendra Ras Price In India

Yogendra Ras comes in tablet form and comes in bottled packaging. There are many Ayurvedic companies offering Yogendra ras both online as well as offline. However, the price of Yogendra ras is quite varied with the starting range of Rs. 122 per tablet up to Rs. 136 per tablet. But this ras comes in different packaging such as 6 tablets per bottle, 12 tablets per bottle, and 30 tablets per bottle. So, it makes the price go up to Rs. 2155 -Rs. 3000 per bottle.

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Lastly, we hope you get all the information regarding “Yogendra Ras Price In India”. However, for any queries reach out to Uniray on the following details.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – What are the benefits of Yogendra ras?

A –  The major benefit of Yogendra ras is in the treatment of neuro-muscular medical conditions and diabetes.

Q – Where I can buy Yogendra ras and what is the price range?

A – You can buy Yogendra ras both online and offline at a starting price of Rs. 786 per 10 tablets.

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