CHANDRAPRABHA VATTI Manufacturers & Franchise 

CHANDRAPRABHA VATTI Manufacturers & Franchise – Uniray Lifesciences is one of the leading CHANDRAPRABHA VATTI Manufacturers & Franchise in India. Chandraprabha vati is also known as Chandraprabha gulika. Uniray Lifesciences is a leading ayurvedic company that mainly deals in ayurvedic third party manufacturing and PCD herbal franchise.

There are many herbal products that come with advanced packaging. One of our products is Chandraprabha Vatti. So, if you are interested in this amazing business opportunity, then feel free to reach out to Uniray Lifesciences, either by calling us at +91 9815340201 or can send us an email at

About | Chandraprabha Vatti 

Chandraprabha vati simply means moon glow and it is made from 37 ingredients. It basically helps in managing medical complications related to the urinary tract and digestive system.  Urine helps in removing the toxins from the body. Now, let’s take a look into some benefits of having Chandraprabha Vatti- 

  1. First of all, It can be useful in the case of kidney stones. It basically increases the production of urine as it has diuretic activity. 
  2. Secondly, Chandraprabha Vatti has an aphrodisiac property which is help in managing erectile dysfunction. 
  3. Also, It also maintains glucose levels as it increases insulin secretion. 
  4. Moreover, Chandrapha Vatti can be used for treating digestive system-related problems like acidity and indigestion. 
  5. Lastly, it has rejuvenating properties. 

Main Ingredients Of Chandraprabha Vati 

  1. Camphor
  2. Vacha
  3. Nagarmotha
  4. Bhumi
  5. Amla
  6. Giloy
  7. Turmeric
  8. Daruharidra
  9. Dhania
  10.  Harad
  11. Baheda
  12. Amla
  13. Vidanga
  14. Ginger
  15. Kalimirch
  16. Himalayan 
  17. Salt 
  18. Nisoth
  19. Tejpatta
  20. Cinnamon
  21. Cardamom 
  22. Shilajit

Therapeutic Dosage Of Chandraprabha Vatti 

The dosage varied from patient to patient. There are many factors contributing to this, such as medical condition, age, etc. So, we would suggest first consulting an ayurvedic doctor. However, the average dosage should be 1 or 2 of 500mg of Chandraprabha twice daily with milk or water. Continue to use for at least 1-2 months but under a doctor’s supervision only. 

What are the Side Effects Of Having Chandraprabha Vatti?

Even though it is a quite safe medicine but there is an excessive presence of iron, which may be harmful to some. Therefore, excessive consumption can lead to 

  • Stomach Ulcer
  • Burning sensation
  • Thalassemia

Also, people suffering from hypertension should avoid taking Chandraprabha vati without consulting the doctor. 

Best CHANDRAPRABHA VATTI Manufacturers & Franchise – Uniray Lifesciences

Chandraprabha vati is made from many herbal/ayurvedic medicinal plants. It is a holistic medicine used to treat conditions like joint pain, urinary disorders, and blood pressure. So, hope you get all the information about Chandraprbha Vati Manufacturers and Franchise in India. However, for any doubt feel free to reach out to Uniray Lifesciences!


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